Kurbatov Arms R-701 ( 9x19), barrel 395 mm. (15,5")

Product Code: Kurbatov Arms R-701 (9х19)
SKU: R7019X19
Barrel Length 395 мм (15,5")
Caliber 9x19
Capacity 10 rounds
Muzzle Brake thread M16х1
Weight 3 kg
Price: 120,000₽

1. Caliber: 9x19

2. The minimum length of the rifle: 810 mm. (length may vary from stock type)

3. Carbonitrided barrel, length 395 mm.

4. Width of the rifle without c charging handle: 41 mm.

5. The width of the rifle with the charging handle: 62 mm.

6. Rifle height without magazine: 189 mm.

7. Charging handle: repositionable to the left or right side

8. Magazine: 30 rounds (PUFGUN firm Russia)

9. Twist: 10 inches 

10. Material and manufacturing method: Aluminum AL7075T6, only milled from an aluminum plate. Coating is hard anodizing.

11. Muzzle break : thread М16х1, as on Saiga-9

12. Trigger: compatible with AR-15 (requires mandatory revision in our workshop to protect against a shot when the bolt is not closed)

13. Pistol Grip: AR-15 Compatible

14. Stock: AR-15 compatible

15. Rifle weight: 3.0 kg.

16. Barrel material: steel 4140

17. The principle of operation of automation: free bolt

18. Attachments and sights are mounted on the Picatinny monolith.

19.  Anti walk pin