Russia has long been famous for its armourers.

Ivan Alekseevich Kurbatov was born in 1880 in the village Kurbatovo of  Ufa province of the Russian Empire. 

Military service was held in Warsaw in the 3rd Guards infantry division in the Armory, retired from the army as a senior non-commissioned officer and returned to his native village. 

In 1913 he organized with his friends artisanal artel "Kurbatov & Co" for small-scale production and repair of hunting guns. Before 1917 there were a lot of such artels in the Urals. Usually, for the production of rifles draft semi-finished products obtained from the state-owed plants were used, armourers collected rifles themselves manually, primarily for hunting.

In 1914, the 1st World War began, followed by Revolution and Civil war. Production had to be closed. 

In 2014, after 100 years Ivan’s Kurbatov great-grandson, Mikhail Kurbatov formed the company "Kurbatov Arms" as a continuation of the family business. 

 Ivan Alekseevich Kurbatov- years of life (1880-1946)